NCIT has developed a kinder, gentler treatment for all cancers that does not involve chemical or radioactive radiation. Over 20 years in the making, it is now proving to stop cancers of all types and some in record time. Breast cancer has been the focus of NCIT research and today we are proud to say that an overwhelming majority of patients are being cured of this disease without surgery, chemo, or radiation, even many in advanced stages.

North Carolina Institute of Technology

The cost of the treatment is a fraction of that of traditional treatments. Now that NCIT scientists understand the primary causes of cancers and, most importantly, how to reverse the effects of these causes, we believe that cancer will soon be history as out technology reaches out to the masses.

Traditional technology's present model of treatment to permanently stop cancer is unlikely to ever be accomplished while thousands die as the outdated technology continues virtually unchanged since its inception. It is time for a new and more effective model and NCIT has developed it. Member clinics and hospitals are proving its effectiveness ON ALL CANCERS!

PREVENTION through education and technology is now our focus.  We have learned (from many years of use) that traditional technology for finding breast disease is very ineffective, if not dangerous.  Mammography, because of radiation and pressure on the breasts, can create problems in the breast, especially if it is already diseased.  NCIT has developed a non-radiation approach to alert the patient that the breasts are or are becoming diseased and  is capable of seeing the development of breast cancer up to 10 years prior to that of mammography. Better still, it is radiation-free and does not touch the body.

North Carolina Institute of Technology


Statistics show that in the United States, someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 69 seconds. According to the Alzheimer’s Associations Disease Facts and Figures, this is expected to increase to a new case every 33 seconds by 2050. Around 2050, it’ll be so bad, that Alzheimer’s will affect one in four Americans. 

This would make it more common than obesity and diabetes! As you can imagine, most of that expected increase can be attributed to the aging baby boomer population. Even now, this disease is at epidemic proportions being that 5.4 million Americans are living with this disease.

According to a CNN report, a popular drug used to treat Alzheimer’s patients in the early stages shows very little benefit — despite being approved by the FDA for moderate to severe cases. This is pretty alarming and a sad example of the use of chemical drugs that the body really does not recognize for cellular healing.

At its core, Alzheimer’s is about inflammation. And this inflammation causes two types of lesions to form in the brain. These two misfolded proteins are called plaques and tangles. Plaques are a sticky group of proteins that act like a kink in a hose. In a normal heathy brain, chemical signals travel back and forth between neurons on structures called synapses. But when plaques form, they gob up neural circuitry and don’t allow information to pass back and forth in the brain. Tangles, on the other hand, work by collapsing the tiny tubes that feed the brain vital nutrients… essentially starving the brain and causing atrophy. Together, these two mechanisms work together to clog up brain activity and starve the cells of vital nutrients, which causes brain damage. This dual nature has made it difficult for scientists to develop an effective treatment plan. However, NCIT's use of DFT which super-charges anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-amyloid effects manage to attack the disease on both sides. 

Presently the Alzheimer's protocol is only available in the USA. For information on how to participate, use our Contact form to register your request.